October 2009

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but I waited to put this post up until the end of the month as a way to remind folks that these issues are always with us.  It’s great that there is a month of concentrated action and attention paid to breast cancer. That being said, let’s not let this problem, and all other issues of environmental pollution’s effects sink back into the murky water of complicated issues that we don’t “have time” to think about.

Who Holds the Mirror?

"A single breast reveals the stories of women with breast cancer to expose the threat of environmental toxins on women's lives."

This traveling mural, called “Who Holds the Mirror” is something that I really wanted to bring to the Earth Democracy conference, but it didn’t work out in time.  It’s one of the most beautiful and comprehensive pieces of art activism I have seen.

Who Holds the Mirror?

"An army of one-breasted women march to raise awareness about breast cancer."

Here is a great article, called “Picturing Breast Cancer,” about the mural from the International Museum of Women.

For more information, visit the website for the mural, at http://whoholdsthemirror.com/.

Um, I don’t know about this. While I agree that climate change is everyone’s issue, so it is necessary to get this issue in the mainstream, I would have thought that folks would see that bribing men with a peep show is not the way to call people to meaningful action.

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People living near some coal power plant landfills are at a risk for cancer that is two-thousand times higher than federal standards.  Arsenic seeps into the ground water and is seen at levels eighteen times higher than EPA limits. Other folks turn on the tap and the water coming out of the tap smells like cow manure. Twenty million people in the U.S. become ill from water borne bacteria and viruses. Oh, and the New York Times database on water issues is bigger than the EPA’s. Think water is clean and safe in the U.S.? Think again.
Toxic Waters: Regulatory Absence Allows Chemical, Coal and Farm Industries to Pollute US Water Supplies.

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